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Aardman and axisVFX - A collaboration dating back to caveman times

Early Man sees AxisVFX continue its long-standing relationship with Aardman

AxisVFX nominated in RTS West of England Awards 2018

When you need a flying, blue, imaginary unicorn, who do you call? axisVFX, of course!

The tables have turned, TV is now looking for inspiration from Games, in a different kind of way

A look at some new movies and back at some classics

VFX Artists Help Create Thousands of Sports Fans

A look at the VFX work that went into that hilarious roller coaster of a TV show - Happy!

Shortcuts make things better!

VFX breakdown on the Stone Age love story about football!

No dinosaurs or rabbits were harmed during the making of this article

The making of sickly delicious show: Happy!

IAMAG looks behind the scenes into the making of Early Man

Cartoon Brew talks to Stop-Motion maestro Nick Park on creating Early Man

It's Boulder-tastic

AxisVFX creates 40 additional characters for Happy! Along with an unprecedented 900+ shots

To be read with a bowl of primordial soup!

The story of an inebriated ex-cop whose life is turned upside down by a blue unicorn

Art of VFX showcases AxisVFX's Breakdown video for Early Man

All three Axis studios collaborate to create Happy!

AxisVFX breathes life into the titular fully CGI protagonist.

axisVFX return as sponsor of the prestigious Broadcast Awards 2018

The action scenes throughout are handled expertly.

Think of the new Syfy dramedy Happy! as Imaginary Mary on PCP.