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Design led creative. Industrial strength execution.

In July 2013 award winning animation studio Axis teamed up with key industry VFX Supervisors and Producers to create an exciting new boutique visual effects studio:  axisVFX. 

Producing high-end CGI and Visual Effects for film and TV, axisVFX is owned and run by craftspeople:  our goal is to provide greater flexibility, accessibility and creative control to  filmmakers of all persuasions. We believe in de-mystifying the VFX process for  producers and directors, creating visual effects that support the story, whilst adding drama and scale to productions.

The axisVFX ethos is one of creative intelligence, solving VFX production challenges through clever design that utilises available budget for maximum effect. We put great store in building trust and adopting an inclusive, collaborative, can do attitude.

Between them, the axisVFX supervisors, artists and production staff have decades of experience and have worked on a wide range of productions including Prince Caspian, Fred Claus, Hellboy, Doctor Who, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Clash of the Titans and Harry Potter.  

Our aim is to be able to help clients through all stages of production, from concept and initial planning, to previz and storyboarding, through to plate photography and VFX post-production, evolving and tuning our involvement as required by each unique production.

We take on everything from shooting special-fx elements in-house, through to grading on Resolve, via all aspects of high end 2D and 3D visual effects.